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Dear Bride To Be…

I would like to suggest a few things that you may find helpful before, and on the day of your wedding. This may help things go easier for you as you have so many things to think about. I hope this day is the perfect day you have always dreamed of and I wish you a most joyful and exciting wedding day.

Skin Care

Start preparing your skin before the wedding. Keeping your pores clean, and skin soft and moist. This will help give you smooth skin that will make you glow. Check around for a good estetision (skin care specialist). It will do wonders for you complexion to get a good facial, but not too close to the wedding day in case there’s any redness or breakout right after.

Be sure if you are outdoors often or tanning before the wedding that you are not wearing any garments that might cause tan lines.

Looking Your Best

More than any day of your life, your wedding day is the day that you want to look your most fabulous, yet remain true to yourself. Even if you don’t usually wear makeup, bend your rule just a little. Makeup that is properly applied will greatly enhance your appearance, particularly in the photographs and video that will be taken that day. This is not a time to have a well-meaning friend or relative do your hair and makeup, unless they are REALLY good. It may cause you more stress and discomfort than you need at this point. You may not want to worry or feel that you might hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t like how you look. Make sure before your wedding day the person who is doing your hair and makeup is going to give you the “Perfect” look that’s right for you.

When You’re Ready to Book Your Stylist…

Find out from your photographer and wedding coordinator what time you need to start getting dressed. This will help the stylist plan a time schedule with you. Ask your attendants and other family members if they would like hair and/or makeup services. If you do not have your headpiece of veil, find out when it will be coming in. You will want to have it if you are booking a trial run.

When It’s Time to Get Ready

On your wedding day and during your styling session, it is important that you spend a quiet and relaxing time with your stylist in a tranquil area with no distractions. This is a time that brides can become tense, especially if there is a lot of chaos and demands. You may want to hand your cell phone to one of your bride’s maids or family members to deal with last minute questions or details.

How to Dress Without Compromising Your Hair and Make Up

One simple but valuable rule is to wear a button-down blouse during hair and make up services for obvious reasons. Another important trick is when putting on your gown, ask someone to stand your crinoline on the floor (if you are wearing one). Then have one of two others put the dress over the standing crinoline. Make sure the back and front on both are aligned. Step into both together, then fasten the crinoline and lastly, the wedding gown.

Helpful Ways to Prepare for Your Trial Run

  • Arrive with little or no makeup and clean dry hair.
  • Please refrain from flat ironing since last shampoo, it may make styling difficult.
  • Please bring your veil and/or headpiece and anything you will be putting or wearing in your hair, such as flowers, rhinestones or other decorative accents.
  • Bring Mom or a friend, if you like.
  • Other optional things to bring for trial run: a white top, wedding jewelry, and a camera.
  • I record everything we do at your trial run: Style of hair, makeup techniques and colors preferences.
  • We will review together on your wedding day all the notations and if there are any last minute changes.

Additional Items to Bring (Wedding Day)

  • Decorative bobby pins or clips for members of your wedding party (something that goes well with the jewelry and/or dress color).
  • Powder compact and favorite lipstick, if you prefer a special color.
  • I will provide a touch-up kit of my products free of charge.
  • Pictures of hair or makeup styles you like (optional).

*Hair should be clean and dry before services begin unless otherwise indicated at consultation.

*I listen and enjoy good communication with my clients to ensure your comfort and the look you will be most happy with.

On Site Beauty

"I could not have asked for a more professional stylist! Thanks again!" ~ Lora (Gregg) R. ~
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